Baby Time

On April 8, 2013 by Darian Lajoie
IMG_20130407_152243Baby Cards A few days ago, some friends popped in looking for a card for a new baby and I noticed that I’m almost entirely out of baby and wedding cards.  So, this week it’s my goal to do a whole whack of baby-themed cards. One of the ones I like to do has a little duckling stamped on it.  Sometimes I use my own hand-made course yellow cardstock for these, which reminds me of duckling feathers.  So here is a shot of my blender (my paper blender, by the way – I never blend paper in my food blender in case of who-knows-what kinds of chemicals that may be in various recycled papers.)  I put in mainly yellow construction paper that I rescued from the floor of the art closet at the school library where I work.  It was ratty pieces that evidently nobody wanted to use (hence their “filing” on the floor, halfway under a shelf and covered in dust.)  I also threw in a notice sent home from my son’s school that was on light yellow computer paper, and a handful of yellow scraps. This is doubtless the librarian in me, but I save all my coloured scraps in colour-coded envelopes so that I can use them to tint the paper I make. IMG_20130407_151659     Here is a selection of stamps I got out to use – the little ducky, a couple of CONGRATUALATIONS stamps, some baby feet, a little pea in a pod, a bunny diaper pin, etc.   IMG_20130407_152005             Here are two shots of some coloured paper backgrounds, stamps, coordinating ribbon, just to get some colour ideas… I stamped the little duck on some different coloured backgrounds and embossed it in gold.  The little pea in a pod is also stamped and embossed in gold.  I coloured that one in with some markers.   IMG_20130407_195556     More colour variations… I just try whatever pops into my head as I look at different colours and patterns.  Sometimes, especially for baby cards, I like to use scrapbooking papers for frames or backgrounds on top of the main cardstock.   IMG_20130407_205736         Here are a few of the finished ducklings on my own cardstock.  Usually I leave my cardstock’s edges untrimmed because I like the ragged or natural edge.     IMG_20130407_205551               A couple more ducks and the little baby feet on regular cardstock.  The feet are framed with an embossed stamp and accented with ivory ribbon.   IMG_20130407_205204       And some bunny diaper pins, stamped in pigment ink and embossed with clear embossing powder.  The little pea pod baby is embossed in gold and coloured in by hand with markers, then diluted with water and a paintbrush to give a watercolour effect.  I’ve also woven some green ribbon along the bottom edge. Now, I have to go and try some more designs.  Hoping for 30 to 40 baby cards in various designs this week.  Perhaps next week will be wedding cards. Thanks for reading!

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