Communications with Fairies

On May 28, 2013 by Darian Lajoie
A  friend of mine who has four adorable little girls told me that her oldest daughter Paige, who is 8, is convinced that there are fairies living in their garden.  She is a girl after my own heart – I was of the same romantic bent at her age, believing in fairies, and magic, and secret doors into Narnia.  So, she wrote a letter for the fairy and left it in their sunporch hoping the fairy would see it and respond to her.  Her mother asked me if I would undertake the task of creating a pretty letter to Paige from the fairy, since she keeps checking the sunporch for an ethereal response.  This is just the type of project I love, so I said yes.  Here is a picture of Paige’s letter to the fairy: IMG_20130528_105234 IMG_20130528_105221               I couldn’t do anything too ornate or long because she is only 8, so I typed up a response and put it into a fancy font and printed it out on my laser printer in a size that could fit onto a piece of my cardstock.  I looked at colours and materials that would suit and here is what I decided on: IMG_20130528_104244 I used a piece of my own paper – light purple with tiny lavender sparkles in it. I glued the fairy letter onto it, and then I put a sheet of sheer pink vellum overtop to make the paper look like a beautiful light pink.  I added a dried purply-blue flower to a bottom corner and a die-cut dragonfly to a top corner. Here is what the fairy letter said (it’s too hard to read just by looking at the finished photo): Dear Paige, I saw your letter in the sunroom as I was flying by one night, so I slipped through a tiny crack in the wall to read it.  My name is Viola Greenleaf and I am a garden fairy.  I live under a little violet patch very close to your house.  I’m glad you asked if we could be friends.  I’ve never had a friend who was a real human girl before!  I wish I were a human girl instead of a fairy!  I think it would be so much fun!  If I was a real girl I think I would want to take ballet lessons and learn how to ride a horse!  I’m too tiny to ride horses, but it’s fun to be a fairy too.  I fly around your garden at night and drop fairy dust onto the flowers to help them bloom.  I can’t turn you into a fairy, but we can be friends, and I will leave you some fairy sparkle to help your flowers.  If you drop just a few fairy sparkles into your bath, it will help your hair to be shiny like fairy hair.  But don’t use too much, or the Elf King will know I gave it to you and I will be in trouble.  We are not supposed to give humans any fairy gifts but since we are friends, it will be our own secret! Thank you Paige!  Love Viola I partially filled a small glass bottle with lavender coloured sparkles that would be a gift of fairy dust and used a small balsam wood box from Dollarama to put the finished letter in.  I tied it up into a scroll with ribbon and put the scroll and bottle into the box, and voila! An official Fairy Communication! IMG_20130525_134047IMG_20130525_134028                   IMG_20130525_133941     Thanks again for reading!  I have multiple projects going on, so I’m not sure what I will be showcasing next -needle felting perhaps…            

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  • I discovered your blog site on google and checked a few of your early posts. Continue to keep up the ccreative work. Looking forward to reading more from you later on!

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