Spring Cleaning

On April 1, 2013 by Darian Lajoie
IMG_20130331_153841 Ok, my workroom looks like an art grenade went off so I decided that some spring cleaning and organization was in order this weekend.  I went through all of my recycled paper pile and did a whole lot of shredding.  I shredded a bunch of bright spring green – a couple of envelopes, some tissue paper from a gift, and a lime green paper bag that came home from a gift shop in Paris last summer.  This is the resulting blend of sludge.  Gross, I know, but it really will be pretty…     IMG_20130401_114256   Here is the pulp drying on my screens, which are designed to make sheets of paper that are the exact size of my cards (28 x 22 cm or, when the card is folded 14 x 11 cm)             IMG_20130401_114428   At the top left are a few sheets that dried faster than the rest – you can see how the colour has lightened.               IMG_20130401_114106     Now the rest have dried (see how much lighter they look?) and can be peeled off the frames.             IMG_20130401_114752     I still have a bit of bright green shred left, so I’m making another batch to which I have added a bit of leftover green construction paper and some white (from shredded VISA statements.)  This is the shredded paper in the blender without water added…             IMG_20130401_115005     Here it is with water in it…             IMG_20130401_122959       And here is the pulp – this batch will be a little bit lighter hue than the first. Now that I have a bunch of paper shredded, I will start working on some cards to bring my stock up a bit. That’s it for today I think.  I would love some feedback, so feel free to post comments or ask questions.  Thanks for reading!    

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