Experiments with resin

On February 16, 2015 by Darian Lajoie
These images are some preliminary work using resin and found objects.  I have also been doing some encaustic painting recently as well, and am using some of the resultant works with other elements and found objects such as antique watch gears, jewelry and sheet music (to name just a few.) I have built small frames with balsa wood and once the piece is assembled inside the frame, I am pouring resin into it so that the collage is suspended as though underwater or in time.  These are just some experimental works to see how various media react with resin.  I will post further works shortly.
IMG_20150126_123039IMG_20150126_123029 IMG_20150126_123948IMG_20150126_141017IMG_20150126_131406IMG_20150126_141108

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